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Workshop selection will be opened in the upcoming weeks. Delegates will be able to rank their workshops in order of preference and will be able to attend 2 workshops.

Workshops will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

The OSEM committee will endeavour to allocate delegates their top choices. We apologise if we are unable to allocate all delegates their top 2 workshop choices. 


Retrobulbar haematoma? Maternal cardiac arrest? Hands-on practice at managing these

Career Crafting

Feeling stuck in your job as a senior? Unsure how to move forward? Let our medical career coach guide you 



Tricky wound needing closure? Hands-on practice at suturing 


Subtle ACS Workshop

OMI – replacing the STEMI and NSTEMI misnomers. How to spot that subtle MI! 

Tissue Donation

Join the discussion on tissue donation!


Ultrasound practise – come play the ultrasound game! 


Emergency Medicine Leadership

How to become a leader in your field – guidance from the dynamic leadership trio! 


Paediatric Rashes

Child with a rash? Absolutely no idea what it is? Let our paediatric rash expert help you!

Becky Platt

Becky Platt is an Advanced Clinical Practitioner in Paediatric A&E at the Royal London, executive member of the Don’t Forget the Bubbles team and a senior lecturer on the PEM MSc at QMUL. She was awarded the British Empire Medal in 2021 for her overseas humanitarian work.


Becky is passionate about humanity in healthcare, putting patients first, and caring for staff. She has a particular interest in clinical incident debriefing and in creating time for the team to reflect together. She is a committed educator and loves teaching in a variety of ways including conference talks, blog posts, YouTube videos and podcasts.


Out of work, she is the mother of teenage twins who constantly keep her on her toes, as well as being a keen (but slow) runner, Marmite addict and motorbike lover.


Dr Immanuel Judson Paul

I'm Immanuel Judson Paul, a doctor in emergency medicine for the past eight years. My journey started with training in India, where I fell in love with the diverse patient experiences that emergency medicine offers.


One thing that really gets me excited is point-of-care ultrasound. I'm always on the lookout for fun ways to teach this valuable skill through simulation.


Not too long ago, I was honored with the Innovation in Emergency Medicine Education Prize from the Royal Society of Medicine. The project that got me this recognition used gamification to teach over 100 healthcare professionals point-of-care ultrasound simulation.


Join me on this journey as I continue exploring ways to make point-of-care ultrasound simulation accessible and engaging. Let's make learning a little more exciting!

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Dr Dimitri Kontogeorgis

I have been an EM Consultant since August 2013.

I am currently the Associate Clinical Lead for the Emergency Department at the RBH and mental health lead for the department.

For the past 2 years or so I have served as a Regional Clinical Advisor for NHS England covering the South-East (Urgent and Emergency Care/UEC).

Having completed a BA honours degree in 2022 through Henley Business School (University of Reading), my special interests lie in healthcare leadership and management.


Dr Adham Khalek  

After graduating from Barts and the London School of Medicine & Dentistry in 2004, I became part of the final group of Pre-registration House Officers before the Foundation program was introduced. Despite the tumultuous period that followed with MMC/MTAS, I navigated through relatively unscathed. My postgraduate training in Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine in the East of England & London Deanery led me to my role as an EM Consultant at OUH in 2013. 

Throughout my tenure as a consultant, I've cultivated a keen interest in leadership and service/quality improvement. I'm particularly drawn to leveraging digitization, data sets, and visualization to empower clinicians and enhance processes. In 2021, I joined the divisional informatics team as MRC Co-Lead and completed a PG Dip in Digital Leadership at Imperial. Concurrently, I've served as the Clinical Lead for Emergency Medicine at OUH since 2021. 

In tandem with my medical career, since 2001, I've pursued a parallel path in the Royal Navy as a Reservist. This commitment led me to an operational deployment in Helmand, Afghanistan, and provided numerous opportunities, including completing the Advanced Command & Staff Course in 2014. By the end of 2021, I wrapped up a significant four-year National appointment overseeing all Royal Navy reserve medical officers.

Dr Lois Brand


Lois worked for many years as a consultant in Emergency Medicine at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, with special interests in medical education and management of the elderly emergency patient. She currently works for Oxford University Medical School as Associate Director of Clinical Studies, lead clinical tutor for Pembroke College and coach for the Thames Valley Professional Support Service.

She has had a long-term interest in medical careers, and completed an MA in the subject in 2014. Lois has done some innovative work on the challenges of career longevity in medicine, developing and running a series of one day workshops in the Deanery and beyond, focusing on senior clinicians’ careers. She also runs her own coaching business focusing on supporting doctors with career dilemmas.

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Dr Obaid

I am an A&E trainee at Leeds with over 10 years of experience in Emergency Medicine. I am also the founder of Practical ECG Courses - a dream project which aims at changing how ECGs are interpreted in Emergency Medicine. A strong believer that advanced ECG interpretation is possible in the ED, I help Emergency Physicians develop advanced ECG interpretation skills beyond pattern recognition, by utilising a concept based approach to ECGs relevant to EM. Outside of work, I enjoy music, reading, watching movies & having long philosophical chats with friends & family.


Dr Charles Rich

Charles has recently been appointed as consultant in emergency medicine and intensive care medicine at Bucks Health NHS Trust, having completed his training here in Thames Valley. His professional interests are in resuscitation skills and leadership, multi-disciplinary in-situ simulation and critical appraisal. It was Charles who first introduced the Thames Valley School of EM to #FOAMEd back in 2017 and now it is an integral part of our RTDs and an established learning methodology. He believes in bringing critical care skills and practice back within the ED. Outside of medicine he enjoys playing Lego with his son, supporting Man United and learning and talking about wine.

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