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Workshop selection will be opened in the upcoming weeks. Delegates will be able to rank their workshops in order of preference and will be able to attend 2 workshops.

Workshops will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

The OSEM committee will endeavour to allocate delegates their top choices. We apologise if we are unable to allocate all delegates their top 2 workshop choices. 

Workshop Lead: Mr Adam Calthrop

A regular feature at OSEM & one of the most popular workshops. You'll be able to get hands-on practice & learn how to incorporate USS into your day-to-day clinical practice.

This year, there will be 1 USS workshop for beginners and 1 USS workshop for those with more ultrasound experience. 

The focus will be lung ultrasound for beginners and combined echo/IVC/lung ultrasound for those with more experience.

Workshop 1


Workshop 2

Does Your Patient's Gender Matter in the ED?

Workshop Lead: Dr Priyadarshini Marathe

Medical education, research and management of patients continues to use the male human as the norm. Does our prevention, diagnosis, evaluation & treatment need to be gender aware? Delegates will receive an introduction to gender equity and equality in patient management, along with interactive case discussion and extensive resources for further reading.

Workshop Lead: Mr Darren Best & Ms Sam Fleming

Darren Best (Assistant Director of Education, Thames Valley Air Ambulance) and Sam Fleming (Consultant Midwife, Royal Berkshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust) have worked together for several years to co-create and embed Pre-Hospital Obstetric and Neonatal Emergencies (PHONE) training and awareness with a multi-disciplinary approach to creating confidence in dealing with the most difficult, stressful, and complex maternal emergencies for the mothers and the babies in the community.

Workshop 3

Pre-Hospital Obstetric & Neonatal Emergencies

Improving Team Performance & Neonatal Outcomes

Workshop 4

Holistic Care in the ED

Workshop Lead: Ms Vicky Leitch (MKUH ED)

The aim of the workshop will be to examine the care delivered by the wider MDT to the family around the patient.


It will be based around two scenarios. These will be presented by Vicky, who will then facilitate a discussion with delegates, exploring their experiences, and their thoughts and feelings around those experiences.


The discussions will highlight the non-clinical skills utilised by the team to deliver holistic care to the patient.


This is an aspect of care that is well known, but which is often not reflected by data, or which is categorised as safeguarding.


This workshop will facilitate an exploration and celebration of the knowledge and skills of the wider A&E team that are brought to bear in such circumstances.

Workshop Lead: Dr Meenal Galal

This virtual reality workshop will provide participants with an immersive and interactive experience to enhance their medical emergency management skills. Participants will have the opportunity to practice managing virtual patients in real-life scenarios including virtual practice with FONA (front of neck access) as well as the management of an obstructed tracheostomy. By participating in this workshop, attendees will have the chance to improve their knowledge and confidence in managing these critical situations in a safe and controlled environment.

Workshop 5

Virtual Reality

Workshop 6

Pranayama For Your Next ED Shift


Workshop Lead: Ms Kangan Upadhye

Pranayama is the practice of breath regulation. It's a main component of yoga, an exercise for physical and mental wellness. In Sanskrit, “prana” means life energy and “yama” means control. The practice of pranayama involves breathing exercises and patterns.

An interactive 45-minute workshop focusing on yogic breathing techniques to help you become aware of your most resourceful self in the present moment. This session will not only help to improve your ability to respond to stress, but also to recover quickly to the present and connect with your patient's situation in an effective manner.

Note: No prior experience is needed. Bring a mat, if you like and wear comfortable clothing.

Kangan has studied and practised Ashtanga yoga for many years, with some exceptionally inspiring teachers. Her involvement started at an early age with an interest in dance, movement art forms, energy, holistic health, nutrition, and wellbeing. She has followed this passion throughout her life, and she aims to help others become more inwardly aware of their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Workshop lead: Ms Andrea Dale


Back by popular demand from OSEM 2021. This minor injuries workshop will focus on hand injuries and teach you how to diagnose & manage common injuries. 

Workshop 7

Minor Injuries

Workshop 8

Subspeciality Panel

Another regular feature at OSEM.

This year, we will be having a subspecialty panel for doctors & nurses. The subspecialty panel workshop will consist of an informal discussion about pursuing different avenues within our chosen careers. 

Subspecialty Panel for Doctors

Led by:

- Dr Josh Lyon & Dr Moya Dawson (PEM)

- Dr Shona Johnson (ICM)

- Dr Shah Rahman (PHEM & ICM)

Subspecialty Panel for Nurses

Led by:

- Ms Karen Chivers (MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice, RCEM credentialed ACP, ALS instructor)

- Mr Joe Crosbie (Advanced Clinical Practitioner, JR)

- Ms Tine Panduro (Research Nurse with EMROx, JR ED Staff Nurse, Bsc of Science in Adult Nursing)

- Ms Kirsten Doyle (Advanced Clinical Practitioner, JR)

- Ms Sarah Fetton (Emergency Nurse Practitioner, JR)

- Ms Rhiann Welch

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