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Our i-STAT and i-STAT Alinity are advanced, portable systems that allow medical staff to perform diagnostic testing without having to leave the patient’s side. The systems provide real-time, lab-quality results using only a few drops of blood and delivers accurate results in minutes rather than hours. 


Abbott is the global leader in with-patient diagnostics empowering you to respond to and shape care as the situation demands, through a broad portfolio of diagnostic solutions that provide fast, accurate insights, directly within the patient care pathway.

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When every second counts, having the best image clarity and the right features at clinicians’ fingertips is crucial. Designed for ease of use, Sonosite PX point-of-care ultrasound machine helps clinicians be more efficient and effective when time is of the essence.


  • Our most advanced image clarity gives clinicians greater visualisation to perform a FAST exam and to diagnose with confidence as they triage patients. 

  • Small footprint helps clinicians navigate crowded bays, while the adaptable work surface transitions from a vertical to horizontal position for ideal ergonomics and access to patients.

  • The streamlined user interface improves workflow, allowing even novice clinicians to find controls quickly with fewer touches.

  • Exam types are optimised with most-needed annotations and calculations surfaced for ease of use. Imaging is optimised for each exam type to minimise adjustments, improving time to diagnosis. 

  • Focused Cardiac exam type provides easy access to calculations that are used for determining the overall patient wellbeing.

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Intelligent Ultrasound aims to unlock ultrasound for everyone through the provision of products that train clinicians in the classroom and then support and guide them in the clinic with real-time artificial intelligence image analysis software.

This classroom to clinic approach reflects our belief that by supporting, guiding and speeding up ultrasound scanning we can make ultrasound more accessible to all medical professionals.

From classroom…..

Focussed on providing real-time ultrasound education and training through hi-fidelity simulation:

·        ScanTrainer 

·        HeartWorks 

·        BodyWorks 

….. to clinic

Focussed on developing deep-learning-based algorithms to  make ultrasound machines smarter and more accessible:

·        ScanNav Assist 

·        ScanNav Anatomy 

·        ScanNav Detect 

How Can We Help? 

We’ve developed a range of tools that gives you confident, hands on training through simulation. Check out our latest product updates, and let us know how we can assist your training needs.

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